Goblin treasure

Technology: C++, SDL 2 library, STL
screenshot from the game Goblin treasure

Goblin treasure is a casual arcade game in which you play the role of a goblin treasure hunter. Collecting diamonds while traveling across various boards. Your main goal is to collect as many diamonds as possible while avoiding goblins and traps.
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Web application ENslowka

Technology: php, mysql, js, ajax, html, css
screenshot of web application supporting learning Polish-English words

The website is in Polish.
Web application supporting learning Polish-English words. An additional help is the phonetic notation of English words and expressions using words. Go to web site: enslowka.enrju.pl

Steel Eagle

Technology: C++, SDL 1.2 library
screenshot from the game Steel Eagle

Steel Eagle is a reference to the 80's and 90's shooters. Your task is to reach the landing pad at the end of the level, destroying as many enemy units as possible, for which you collect points that can be exchanged for force and strength, which allows you to upgrade your “Steel Eagle”.
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